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This month's Featured Image is a drawing of Tahu and Lerahk by none other than the amazing Echo 1. Lets start off by paying attention to the style of the drawing. Pencilled, obviously, but the striking colours and style of the wall, contrast the perpendicular horizontal style of the black floor. The brightness of the walls really give the drawing depth, when compared to the plain style of the floor.

Dabbing further on the detail, I can say I like the look of Tahu's hand, fingers, and weapons. It's just beautiful. And the depth perception - perfect! The ratio of Tahu to the Lerahk is perfectly done. Moving on to the Lerahk itself, just look at it. The green colour of its armour is well done, and it looks almost exactly like its movie counterpart, if not better. The weapon is wondrous. I am even bold enough to say it's better than the what the weapon looked like in the movie.

To wrap up, this image is just plain epic. No, it's beyond 'plain epic'. It's amazingly epic. And I have one more thing to say: Dat Lerahk behind<3

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