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Despite the end of BIONICLE, this site continued to grow. At the beginning of 2012, the wiki still remained fully active, and many users still continue to ensure that the community grows and develops. Carrying on from the success of the advertisement campaign from 2011, many members are still striving to see new users come to the wiki.

On January 5, 2013, the Podcast is planned for a reboot, listed as a "Season 2," in which case the podcast would become more organized and watchable. During the same month, 21bub21 offered to make a banner for the community, which will be included as part of a greater plan to alter the layout of the Main Page. Not long after, a February 2, the Custom BIONICLE Wiki created a group for itself on the social networking site Facebook following a vote in the Matoran Council Chamber. In addition, the community later agreed to a wiki-wide revamp, which would see the site adopt a new skin inspired by 2001 era of BIONICLE.

On April 1st, the staff members carried out an elaborate prank whereby the wiki adopted a My Little Pony motif. The 'vandal attack' was jokingly blamed on Trombone Twister, a sock puppet account created by the staff to function as the "villain" of the occasion. The account was briefly granted staff powers so it could change the wiki in whatever way possible, though they were removed when the joke concluded and the wiki reverted to its normal state.

On May 3, administrator Jman98 unveiled an updated version of the wiki's official logo, and the refined version has since been put into use. On June 18, Echo 1 was added to the official roster of the Board of Trustees members. Days later, on June 21, rollback Amanda113122 was demoted for lack of frequent activity. Later, on the 29th July, the first stages of the wiki's skin revamp began.

On November 13th, 2013, a wiki-wide cleanup, dubbed The Bohrok Initiative, was started by administrator Jman98. The goal was to delete any articles marked with the Wikify, Stub, or Delete templates. The reason being a restructure of the site, including more enforcement of the Manual of Style. This caused the deletion of a numerous amount of pages.

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